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Apple releases OS X 10.6.4

Apple has released the much anticipated OS X 10.6.4 update. This update addresses a number of specific issues with the OS, including compatibility with Adobe CS3, SMB networking, VPN connections, and trackpad issues on MacBook systems.

By Jun. 15, 2010


Speakers and audio output not working after 10.6.4 update

A few people have commented that their speakers have stopped working after updating to OS X 10.6.4. Some people have had this happen for USB-audio devices like the Apple Pro speakers, and others have had the internal speakers stop working.

By Jun. 24, 2010


Preparing for the OS X 10.6.4 and other software updates

We are on the eve of the WWDC, and during the conference there will undoubtedly be software updates available for a variety of Apple products, the most expected of which is the upcoming 10.6.4 update that may include Safari 5. The update has been under development for a while now, and while we cannot be certain of exactly when it will arrive, folks are speculating that its release is near.

By Jun. 6, 2010


Apple releases patch for 10.6.4 to fix file-sharing security

Apple has released a security update (Security Update 2010-006) for OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard, which addresses a problem uncovered in the OS where a remote attacker could use a known username to access files in shared folders.

By Sep. 20, 2010


Apple releases OS X 10.6.4 update for iMacs; trackpad driver

Apple has released an update to OS X that is specifically for the newly released iMac systems. The update addresses some graphical anomalies that occur in the new systems with the current version of OS X 10.6.4, and also fixes some compatibility issues with reading SDXC memory cards.

By Jul. 27, 2010


Mail version errors after updating to OS X 10.6.4

After updating to OS X 10.6.4, a number of people are experiencing an error where Apple's Mail email client will not open. When the application is launched, a message stating "Mail version 4.3 (1081/1078) cannot be used on Mac OS X Version 10.6.4" is displayed and the program shuts down.

By Jun. 24, 2010


WideMail broken and missing subject lines in Mail after 10.6.4 update

A number of people who use Apple's "Mail" email client have installed the WideMail plugin to give an alternate message layout with the message list and message body being side-by-side, which is more appealing for wide-screen displays. After updating to 10.6.4, some of these people have found a couple of problems associated with Mail. The first is that the plugin no longer seems to work, and secondly the Mail subject line is blank in the message browser.

By Jun. 16, 2010


Bits and Bytes: New G5 cooler disassembly guide; 10.6.4 Server update v1.1

The PowerMac G5 was the first system developed by Apple that came with a liquid cooling mechanism for the models with higher-clocked dual PowerPC chips. In most systems, this cooling system worked well. To this day, my system has not shown any problems; however, some systems had an issue where coolant leaked, causing corrosion and shorting out mainboard components.

By Jul. 23, 2010


Quick Note: Check Flash version after installing Mac OS X 10.6.4

Apparently Apple included an older version of Adobe's Flash Player plugin with the latest Mac OS X 10.6.4 update. The version Apple supplies is, whereas the latest version from Adobe is While most people will not experience much difference in terms of performance, there could be some stability or compatibility differences that a few people may notice. More importantly, the version included with OS 10.6.4 is one that is subject to some recently uncovered (and subsequently patched) security vulnerabilities.

By Jun. 17, 2010


Update: Apple seeds latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.4, no known issues

Update: Apple has seeded the latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.4 to developers. The build, now version 10F54, is reported to have no known issues, possibly signaling a public release soon.

By May. 19, 2010