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Sony DVD recorders bork Freeview after software update

A software update has caused thousands of Sony DVD players to go on the blink, cutting off access to Freeview channels.

By Jul. 21, 2013


Dell profit and revenues shrink, and so does its outlook

The company warned that sales in the August-October quarter will continue declining on a sequential basis. CEO Dell says the company is "transforming" its business.

By Aug. 21, 2012


EMC ends 2011 on a strong earnings note

CEO Joe Tucci touts EMC's ability to hit the key movements--cloud computing, virtualization, and big data--that are revamping enterprise IT.

By Jan. 24, 2012


Get a 6-foot Rosewill HDMI cable for $2.99 shipped

Unknowing shoppers often pay 10 times as much for these cables. Don't make that mistake!

By Dec. 27, 2011


Adobe beats Q4 expectations, credits digital media focus

Adobe managed to exceed both Wall Street and its own expectations, closing out the year with high fourth quarter earnings and overall revenue growth for 2011.

By Dec. 15, 2011


'Mew Mew Tower': iPhone gets greatest cat game ever

It's like Jenga, only with cats. Game concepts don't come much simpler, more cute, or more addictive.

By Jan. 13, 2009


Quelle surprise: Free e-books at Amazon are popular!

The company says readers borrowed 295,000 books in December--and added that sales of the borrowed titles also rose.

By Jan. 13, 2012


The morning after, and RIM still looks like a bad bet

It's another tough day for Research In Motion as investors fully digest the extent of the company's problems. The prognosis: things look pretty ugly.

By Dec. 16, 2011


Orange launches '2MB for €2' roaming plan, and HD Voice gets a UK trial

Orange launches a daily data roaming plan for customers hoping to keep charges down while travelling abroad, and confirms a UK trial of HD Voice for this spring

By Feb. 15, 2010


Apple Final Cut Express 1.0.1; Apple X11 0.2.1;Mighty Mouse 1.0; more

Apple Final Cut Express 1.0.1; Apple X11 0.2.1;Mighty Mouse 1.0; more

By Feb. 13, 2003