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DOE finalizes Abengoa Solar's $1.45 billion loan guarantee

With the loan guarantee, the company can start construction on its 250-megawatt Gila Bend plant, which will be big enough to power at least 75,000 homes.

By Dec. 23, 2010


Intel contests EU on $1.45 billion fine

European regulators' decision in May to levy a billion-dollar penalty did not meet the necessary "standard of proof," the chipmaker says.

By Sep. 15, 2009


EU hits Intel with $1.45 billion antitrust fine

Regulators say that the chipmaker "harmed millions of European consumers" by using anticompetitive measures intended to squeeze out rival AMD's processors.

By May. 13, 2009


Utilities Updates: burnItAgainSam 1.45; Guest PC 1.0; 4D 2004.1; more

Utilities Updates: burnItAgainSam 1.45; Guest PC 1.0; 4D 2004.1; more

By Feb. 2, 2005


LinkedIn passes 300M users, says mobile is key to goal of 3.3B

The social network for professional schmoozing wants the entire global workforce to sign on to its service.

By Apr. 18, 2014


Motorola losses widen ahead of sale to Lenovo

Motorola's revenue actually ticked up from a year ago as it shows some signs of progress.

By Apr. 16, 2014


Asda launches a phone for £5

Following the wallet-friendly Tesco Hudl, Asda is putting Britain's cheapest mobile phone in your basket.

By Nov. 7, 2013


Amazon Art splashes 40,000 works on its palette

The e-commerce company is offering artists and galleries the opportunity to sell their pieces through its latest marketplace.

By Aug. 6, 2013


Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch UK price, release date

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run smart watch bursts out of the blocks on 1 November, costing £350 in Harrods.

By Oct. 18, 2013


Feds' $4.35B for dairy and eggs is cracked, say cloud experts

Coupa, a "cloud-based spend optimization" company, proclaims it can solve the budget crisis. All the US government has to do is, well, act like a business. Oh.

By Sep. 18, 2013