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Google gives translation help with Chrome 4.1

The beta update, for Windows only, can automatically translate Web pages it detects are in a different language. Also: new extensions work.

By March 1, 2010


Q&A: Jordan's Internet minister on piracy, open source, outsourcing

Bassem Al Rousan talks about his plan to transform a resource-poor Middle Eastern country into a home for software, hardware, and Internet companies.

By May 4, 2009


Windows Mobile 6.1 and Opera Mini 4.1 unveiled

Microsoft and Opera have announced updates of their mobile offerings -- rejoicing and celebration will be unconfined, no matter what mobile OS you're on

By April 2, 2008


Video game sales keep bucking recession trend

Even as the recession sinks in, video games appear to be a bright spot for technology and the economy as a whole. But can it last past Christmas?

By December 11, 2008


DiskWarrior 4.1 CD updater finally released

Update your DiskWarrior startup CD.

By March 17, 2008


Another brutal day for tech stocks

The Dow dips below 10,000, and the Nasdaq drops below 1,800 before staging a late day comeback. SAP shares lead the decline, following an earnings warning.

By October 6, 2008


DiskWarrior 4.1 released with full Leopard compatibility

Can repair Time Machine backups.

By January 24, 2008


Microsoft's Kevin Johnson on Yahoo

An article out of Europe suggests the top-level exec said that Microsoft would bid for a Yahoo under new management, but the software giant says such words were never uttered.

By June 23, 2008


Google earnings miss Wall Street estimates

Shares of the search giant drop in after-hours trading after the company's fourth-quarter results miss analysts' forecasts, despite 51 percent rise in revenue.

By January 31, 2008


Utilities Updates: FontNuke 1.0.8; IceClean 1.6.3; ChkRootKit_MacOSX 0.47.3; iFind 4.1; more

Utilities Updates: FontNuke 1.0.8; IceClean 1.6.3; ChkRootKit_MacOSX 0.47.3; iFind 4.1; more

By February 16, 2007