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Will Redbox pull a Netflix with its price hike?

The company says that DVD rental fees will now be $1.20 per day, rather than the $1 it previously charged. Blu-ray and video game rental prices will stay the same.

By October 28, 2011


Blinkx makes offer to bail out ad company Miva

The offer for Miva, a struggling ad firm from the Web 1.0 days, is $1.20 per share--a 54% premium over its recent closing price.

By August 8, 2008


Utilities Updates: AppZapper 1.7.0; TextExpander 1.4.1; Synergy 3.0; RAIDaid 1.20; more

Utilities Updates: AppZapper 1.7.0; TextExpander 1.4.1; Synergy 3.0; RAIDaid 1.20; more

By September 5, 2006


Corning cuts 2001 estimates for third time

The world's largest seller of optical fiber predicts a 2001 profit ranging from 90 cents to $1 per share, down from its previous target of $1.20 to $1.30 per share.

April 26, 2001


Storage Networks loss smaller than expected

Storage Networks reports a net loss of $1.20 per share for its first quarter since its initial public offering, handily beating analyst expectations.

By July 27, 2000


Short Take: Ameritech boosts annual dividend

Ameritech's board of directors raised the company's annual dividend to $1.27 from $1.20. The move comes just a week after shareholders approved the company's merger with SBC Communications, a deal that has yet to be approved by federal regulators.

By December 16, 1998


Short Take: PSINet lowers offer for iSTAR

PSINet has lowered a previous acquisition offer for iSTAR. PSINet is now offering a cash deal of $22 million, or 75 cents a share, for the Canadian Internet service provider, compared with its earlier proposal of $1.20 per share in exchange for PSINet's 8 percent convertible preferred stock. The new offer is designed to provide liquidity at the deal's closing in return for a lower purchase price for PSINet.

By December 24, 1997