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The continuing evolution of iOS

It's been five years since the release of the first iPhone OS, and a lot has changed with each subsequent release. Take a stroll down memory lane as I chart the changes with each new version.

By June 29, 2012


Microsoft releases Office 2004/2008 updates

Microsoft has released a few updates to its Office 2004 and Office 2008 suites for OS X. These updates address security bugs in the programs, and for the 2008 version they also improve application stability.

By March 9, 2010


Weekly Utilities Update: Little Snitch, WhatSize, FileXaminer, more...

Staff Pick: Winclone When you perform major modifications to your system, such as OS updates, we recommend you clone or otherwise make a full and restorable copy of your OS X installation. For bootcamp users, this recommendation is also true for your w

By May 15, 2009


YouTube + WiFi + iPhone = Slowness

Several users have reported an issue in which YouTube content downloads extremely slowly, even over otherwise speedy WiFi connections, on the iPhone. In fact, YouTube videos generally download much more quickly over a 3G connection for afflicted users.

By January 23, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 797: The superbug of piracy

Today's BOL Theory of the Day: the RIAA's constant crackdown on sites and services that ought to be fair use is creating cockroach-like, drug-resistant strains...like Opentape.

By August 27, 2008


Live video broadcasting for unlocked iPhones

Flixwagon, which makes live video streaming software for mobile smart phones, says it has unveiled an application for people using so-called jail-broken Apple iPhones to broadcast video online.

By July 28, 2008


mac.column.ted: iPhone 3G and MobileMe: New features add little value

The more time I spend with my new iPhone 3G and the new MobileMe software, the more I find that neither of these upgrades were worth the bother.

By July 28, 2008


iPhone vulnerable to phishing attacks

Researcher cites "trusted" malicious links within Mail could open phishing sites in Safari.

By July 23, 2008


Jailbreak the new 2.0 iPhone software

Add third-party open source apps to your iPhone alongside the official Apple apps store.

By July 24, 2008


Jobs' health to blame for recent Apple issues?

Apple has had more problems of late than it has in a long time, prompting speculation that the alleged declining health of powerhouse CEO Steve Jobs may be related.

By July 21, 2008