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Netflix debuts on the iPhone

Previously available only on the iPad, the Netflix mobile app now supports the iPhone and iPod Touch, letting all Apple mobile users stream content.

By August 26, 2010


VLC Media Player 1.1 release candidate 1 available

The VideoLAN organization has released a new build of VLC Media Player for OS X. The version 1.1.0-rc of the player has been updated with numerous changes and fixes, including a major reworking of the VLCKit framework, CoreText-based text renderer for subtitles, and support for new codecs and enhanced features of current codecs.

By May 27, 2010


Weekly Utilities Update: Net Monitor, MiniUsage, TimeMachineEditor, more...

Our Weekly Utilities Update report is a list of all the updates for many Mac utilities that have been released in the past week.

By February 8, 2010


Unresolved iTunes 9 bugs plague users

Apple introduced iTunes 9 several months ago and two fairly annoying bugs have cropped up leaving some iTunes users a bit upset.

By December 18, 2009


Canon says firmware fixes 7D ghost images

An update to Canon's EOS 7D SLR takes care of a problem where traces of one image could show in the next.

By November 6, 2009


Navigon iPhone app gets new features

Navigon provides an update to its MobileNavigator app for the iPhone with new features.

By August 14, 2009


Web OS 1.1 released - ho hum

Palm pushed it's Web OS 1.1 update to me today, I had hoped for some decent improvements, but they were negligible - nice improvements, but negligible.

By July 28, 2009


BOL 1026: Donald is nonstick

Teflon Don reveals that he is well, entirely coated in Teflon. But we still don't know if the iPhone 3GS is. So if you know, tell us. We also discuss how Twitter could improve its home page and why the AP just doesn't get it.

By July 24, 2009


Canon 5D Mark II's manual video controls arrive

Canon answers complaints with firmware update to enable videographers to set ISO, aperture, and shutter speed with fully manual video mode on Canon's $2,700 SLR.

By June 2, 2009


New firmware for Canon 40D and Nikon D3, D700

Mostly minor fixes are in for these SLRs from the dominant SLR makers. Nikon had its own 'black dot' problem, though rarer.

By January 21, 2009