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Why the death of the Firefox phone matters

With its failure to stop the mobile-software dominance of Google and Apple, Mozilla loses relevance and the Web grows a little weaker.

By February 5, 2016


No money, no problem with these affordable cars

From bare bones to econo-boxes to vehicles that offer terrific value for money, affordable cars are a huge segment.

By January 25, 2016


27-inch iMac fans running full speed after SMC update

Users have experienced an issue where the fans in their late-2009 27-inch iMacs run at full speed after installing the SMC firmware update 1.0.

By April 30, 2010


Linux Silverlight implementation goes live

Lead developer announces the full release of Moonlight 1.0, part of the Novell-led Mono project.

By February 12, 2009


Free office suite reaches milestone release

OpenOffice.org developers have put the finishing touches on their productivity software suite, which provides people and businesses with an alternative to Microsoft's Office suite. The free OpenOffice uses the same code base as the StarOffice software for which Sun Microsystems charges a fee. OpenOffice.org 1.0, available now, includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and other applications. It is the result of 18 months of collaboration between Sun developers and more than 10,000 volunteer developers, a venture that began when Sun donated the StarOffice code to the open-source, or "free software," community. The latest release of StarOffice, version 6.0, is expected to arrive in a few weeks. ZDNet U.K.'s Matthew Broersma reported from London. To read the full story, visit ZDNet U.K.

By May 2, 2002


New Vorbis version released

The open-source programmers behind Ogg Vorbis, a project to create a completely royalty-free music technology to compete with the MP3 format, have released another test version of their software. As "Release Candidate 2," this version of the technology is likely to be the last test version before Vorbis comes out with an official 1.0 release. That's a critical step for the developers, as major companies are loathe to use a technology before it has reached a first full release. Ogg Vorbis has been out in progressively more advanced forms for more than a year.

By August 14, 2001


ForeFront releases WebWhacker 1.0

The ForeFront Group has unveiled the full production version of WebWhacker 1.0 for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh platforms and a beta version for Windows 95. The software allows offline browsing of Web pages.

January 4, 1996