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Researchers say Microsoft's CardSpace vulnerable

A team of student researchers find a flaw in CardSpace similar to the flaw that broke its predecessor, .Net PassPort.

By June 2, 2008

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Net Fix

The notion of Net neutrality means all Internet traffic gets treated the same. But a deep divide exists on what rules -- if any -- will fuel innovation and protect US consumers.


Microsoft agrees to Passport changes

The software company's deal with the European Union over privacy protection in .Net Passport should give people worldwide more control over how their personal information is shared.

January 30, 2003


Outage disrupts Microsoft services

The software giant says problems with its .Net Passport servers locked some subscribers out of their online accounts throughout the day.

By January 2, 2003


Microsoft alerts Passport users to patch IE

Do you use .Net Passport? Microsoft is urging customers to install a patch nearly two months after it fixed a security flaw that threatens their personal data.

By January 3, 2002


Short Take: Sprint to offer Snap as Net home page

Sprint has designated CNET's Snap Online Net-based online service as the default home page for its Internet Passport customers. The deal will roll out beginning in early January, and expands the companies' distribution relationship first announced in June 1997. Sprint Internet Passport is available in more than 216 cities nationwide. NEWS.COM is a division of CNET: The Computer Network.

December 17, 1997


Short Take: Sprint signs up clients for Net access

Sprint said today that it will customize Internet access service for Mary Kay and Cosmi Corporation and extend its offerings to Simon & Schuster Interactive. Sprint's Internet Private Passport will be bundled with all the companies' products on at least 3 million CD-ROMs this year and up to 10 million Simon & Schuster customers alone by next year.

August 27, 1997


Sprint tries gridiron theme

The Internet service provider launches an NFL-themed version of its Passport Net access service.

July 14, 1997