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Tech can help the elderly...if they use it

A growing number of apps and devices are designed to help manage care of older patients, but the nagging reality is that they're going unused. At least for now.

By May 1, 2016


Where to find the '.com' button in Safari on iOS 7

The popular shortcut to enter a URL extension in Mobile Safari has disappeared with the update to iOS 7. Or has it? Here's where you can find it.

By September 19, 2013


Revolutionaries press the mute button

Smaller crowds and diminished enthusiasm at the MP3.com Summit highlight how the online music world has moved away from utopian visions of the original wave of music companies.

By July 13, 2001


Short Take: Xoom.com adds ads

Free home page provider Xoom.com is adding a navigation bar to users' pages. Dubbed the XoomBar, the feature will serve as a sponsored ad button and search bar. Xoom.com's tests of the feature earlier this month alarmed some users. Xoom.com also announced it would offer unlimited hosting space; the previous limit was 11MB.

By March 10, 1999