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Mythbuster developing vehicle armor for military

No myth: Jamie Hyneman and his M5 Industries are helping the U.S. military to develop new effective, lightweight vehicle armor for Iraq and Afghanistan.

By April 12, 2011


Battlefield's vehicle combat expansion pack out for PS3

Armored Kill digital expansion pack adds new vehicles, modes and maps to Battlefield 3 for PlayStation 3, with the PC and Xbox release to follow.

By September 4, 2012


How it's built: Armored vehicles

Texas Custom Armoring issues a promotional video on how they bulletproof vehicles for customers around the world.

By February 10, 2009


Conquest Vehicles' Knight XV: Flashy, bulletproof

Web video of the Knight XV. This limited-run, fully armored, SUV boasts a V-10, 6.8-liter engine in a military-inspired body.

By May 25, 2010


Gold trimmed, armor-plated Rolls-Royce Phantom, only $8.1M

An armored Rolls-Royce Phantom with gold trim, valued at $8.1 million, is featured as a luxury item though Stuart Hughes.

By August 1, 2011


Mercedes reveals an armored limo for dignitaries, dictators

Mercedes-Benz reveals the latest in its tradition of armored vehicles, the S600 Pullman Guard limousine.

By September 23, 2008


Brit firm: Ranger better vehicle than Ridgback

New troop carrier featuring interior "survivability" capsule does the work of three vehicles, says British company.

By August 27, 2009


Pentagon wants faster delivery of mine-resistant vehicles

Roadside bombs are a big threat to troops in Iraq. An armored truck called the Cougar could help protect the troops.

By July 3, 2007


Former CEO of body-armor maker indicted in $200 million fraud

The former CEO of body-armor maker DHB Industries has been indicted by the feds on a laundry list of fraud, insider trading, and tax evasion charges. David Brooks allegedly mislead investors, pumped up the company's stock, and made off with $185 million.

By October 26, 2007


Battlefield 4 set to launch in late 2013

EA and DICE spill the dirt on Battlefield 4, and share some more details on the next Battlefield 3 expansion, Armored Kill.

By July 25, 2012