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PS3 Slim uses half the power of PS3 'Fat'

CNET tests the power consumption of the PS3 Slim, finding it uses less than half the power of older PS3 models

By August 27, 2009


Sony paints super slim PS3 in red and blue

A mere week after introduction of a white super slim PlayStation 3, Sony unveils several more colors of the aging gizmo to entice gamers.

By January 21, 2013


Photo: PS3 'Fat' vs. PS3 Slim

Side-by-side size comparison of the "old" PS3 vs. the new PS3 Slim.

By August 18, 2009


PS3 Super Slim teardown finds hardware changes, no real upgrades

Bill Detwiler cracks open the PlayStation 3 Super Slim, shows you how Sony redesigned the popular gaming console, and compares the new machine with older PS3 models.

By October 15, 2012


Sony's Super Slim PS3

This is the third PS3 Sony has released since it debuted in 2006 and this iteration is by far the smallest and lightest yet.

By September 28, 2012


Sony to release a slimmer PS3 Slim?

New images indicate that Sony may be releasing a slimmer PlayStation 3.

By July 15, 2012


Sony readying super slim PS3? More clues emerge

A pile of evidence, the latest out of Brazil, indicates that Sony may offer an even slimmer PlayStation 3 this year.

By July 14, 2012


PS3 Slim coming in red and blue, joins white

Sony's PS3 Slim is getting two new colours, to go with the white that's out soon. Looks like it'll be a colourful Christmas for gamers…

By September 14, 2011


Sony adds two new colors to PS3 Slim lineup

Sony is prepping two new color variants of the slim PlayStation 3 that will be made available in Japan in November.

By September 14, 2011


Ep. 8: Tech toys; more ultrabooks; Kindle Fire; and the PS3 3DTV

This week we get hands-on with the Kindle Fire, the latest super-slim laptops, tech toys from the CNET Gotham pop-up store, and Sony's new PS3-branded 24-inch 3DTV.

By November 14, 2011