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Finding joy in a 1-watt-per-channel amplifier -- is that even possible?

The Audiophiliac delves deep into the sound of Linear Tube Audio's astonishing MicroZOTL2.0 headphone/speaker power amplifier.

By November 14, 2015

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Best headphones of 2015

Whether you're out listening to your MP3 player or out at home with your high-end stereo, your headphone choice is critical. Here we've picked our five favorites across every style and category, but if you already know which type of headphones you want, use the links at the left to get more options.


Language app Duolingo launches crowd-source platform

Duolingo Incubator aims to help people create new language lessons so that foreign languages aren't quite so foreign any more.

By October 9, 2013


Meet the man who will run CNET en Español

We're launching a Spanish-language CNET sister site, and this is who will make it happen.

By August 22, 2013


Misty Scentilizers uncork smells for MP3 tunes

The Scentilizer sends puffs of odoriferous mist through your room while you mellow out to music on your iPod.

By June 24, 2011


Chocolate bathroom? Translation tools for travel

Visiting Argentina, Crave contributor Eric Mack tries to avoid erupting volcanos and communicate his cave claustrophobia. Google Translate, Kindle, apps--which is best? The answer might surprise you.

By May 3, 2011


Asus MK241 monitor: Where magnificent meets meh

Asus, arguably the most innovative hardware maker of the last six months, has just sent us its its 24-inch MK241 monitor -- and it's a very mixed bag

By April 8, 2008


'Fahrenheit' vs. 'Fahrenhype'

Overstock.com is pushing the DVD release of Michael Moore's film by pitting it against a challenger.

By October 6, 2004


Compaq: Se habla español

Compaq Computer said Friday it is stepping up efforts to market its computers to Spanish speakers in the United States. The company said it will offer a version of its Presario 5000T series that features Spanish-language software, documentation and tech support. The computer will come with the Spanish version of Microsoft Windows Me, as well as Spanish versions of Microsoft Works, Encarta and MS Money. "After months of planning, we're very excited to announce this Spanish language initiative and have great expectations for how our Spanish-speaking home and office customers will respond to it," said Mark Vena, a director in Compaq's configure-to-order products unit.

April 27, 2001


Foreign domain names face compatibility hurdle

Web sites can now have names with international characters, but critics working on compatibility standards say early adopters of such names are being naïve.

July 28, 2000