Toyota's FT-86 concept to be in Gran Turismo 5

Check out this video of Toyota's FT-86 live in the digital flesh.

Toyota's FT-86 concept done Gran Turismo style
Polyphony Digital/Toyota

Toyota is calling the FT-86 concept, which is due to be introduced at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, a production concept. Which means that it is more than likely that we'll see the neo-hachiroku (or something similar it) on showroom floors in the near future. But, what if you can't wait for the rumored 2011 launch? Well, just fire up your PS3 and take the FT-86 for a spin in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 racing sim. (Unless, of course, GT5 is delayed again. In which case you may come out better just waiting for the car itself.)

Check out the video after the jump to see the Toyota FT-86 concept in the digital sheet metal in a Gran Turismo 5 promo spot.

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