Ford ad Focuses on the music--but does it ring true?

Ford ad Focuses on the music--but does it ring true?

Aside from the exhaust note of the Shelby GT-500, Ford cars are not often associated with music. But a TV ad currently running in the UK aims to address that by showing an orchestra playing instruments, apparently created entirely from parts taken from a five-door Focus hatchback. The car was turned into 31 instruments, including a "Transmission Case Cello-Dulcimer," a "Clutch Guitar," a "Rear Suspension Spike Fiddle," and a "Fender Bass," according to Ford. The text at the beginning of the ad says that the arrangement, called "Ode to the New Ford," is "performed on actual car parts". We must admit that to having a few reservations about whether the ad's sonorous soundtrack is entirely being produced on ex-Focus parts (maybe the classical musicians among you might be able to weigh in), but it's a cool idea nonetheless. You can see a full-length version of the ad here.

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