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Crazy Car Stereo Bass Friday!

Today's Web video shows off a 24 speaker bass box shaking a Dodge Caravan at the "Slammin' and Jammin'" car show.

With the current blog topic theme being all about car audio systems and components, I thought we'd make it a casual Friday and show off a fun Web video with no redeeming value other than that--fun. So here we go with a very ridiculous bass box that takes up the entire rear(!) of a Dodge Caravan, of all vehicles. Observe.

What we got in action here are 24 10-inch JL brand bass speakers going off at the "Slammin' and Jammin' 2008" car show, where it reportedly won an award for "Loudest of the Loud." (Really? I demand to see the blue ribbon!). I gotta say, it's quite a sight to see all 24 speakers bouncing up at once, and like Jerry Lee Lewis said, there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. Yeah, you probably don't need to watch the entire clip, but still I gotta say this beast of a box is neat to see, and it obviously took some time to construct. So Carkrazy12, whoever and wherever you are, we here at The Car Tech Blog salute you!

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