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Concept cars, Apple CarPlay, and a BMW: 12 must-see videos from the Geneva auto show

The 2014 Geneva auto show delivered plenty of automotive eye candy. Join CNET for a tour of the top videos from the show floor.

Josh Miller/CNET

Geneva isn't just the home of expensive watches, chocolate, and international diplomacy, it also brings us one of the premier car shows on the automatize industry's calendar. And just as we've done for the last several years, CNET was there to bring you hottest rides at the show.

CNET's full coverage of the Geneva Auto Show

As you might expect, the Geneva event put a big focus on European firms, but Hyundai, Nissan, and born-in-America names like Jeep show up, as well. And when we're not looking at vehicles of all types -- from concept cars something a bit more sensible -- there's plenty else to check out including Apple CarPlay and a completely bizarre entertainment system to pass the time while your car drives itself. Scroll down to see all of those things captured in video and more.

1. VW XL-1 Concept
The worlds highest MPG production gas car finally goes on sale.

2. Rinspeed XchangE
If your car did drive itself, what would you do with all that found time?

3. Apple CarPlay
The biggest story at the Geneva auto show is not a car.

4. Hyundai Intrada Concept
The drumbeat for hydrogen keeps getting louder with this Hyundai vision.

5. 2015 Audi TT
Third time around for the Audi TT keeps it niche and nice.

6. 2015 Mercedes S Coupe
Mercedes gets back to a coupe version of its flagship, and what a load of tech

7. Porsche 919 Hybrid: Porsche's return to Le Mans
Porsche used to be pretty good when it came to Le Mans. It won everything, all the time. However, for one reason or another, the brand hasn't been there since 1998. 2014 sees the 919 Hybrid racer hit La Sarthe, with someone well known behind the wheel. We took a look at the car, and the tech behind it.

8. 2014 Lamborghini Huracan
The new entry-level Lamborghini is fast and light.

9. 2015 Jeep Renegade A pocket-sized Jeep to leave the Kia Soul in the mud.

10. 2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
Just when it seemed clear that BMW's even numbered cars were all coupes, the 4 Gran Coupe mixes it all up.

11. McLaren 650S: Looking Ferrari in the eyes
With the 12C, McLaren created something truly special. It wasn't without its critics, so to address them McLaren's launched the 650S -- the most capable car the company's made this side of the P1.

12. 2015 VW GTE
VW GTE is something of an electric GTI.

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