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Battery-electric Ford Focus featured on 'The Jay Leno Show'

Ford and the new "The Jay Leno Show" on NBC are teaming up to showcase battery electric vehicle technology as part of the show's "Green Car Challenge," premiering September 14.

Ford Motor Co. is teaming up with "The Jay Leno Show" and providing an all-new battery electric Ford Focus that celebrities will drive as a way to promote fuel efficiency and electrified vehicles.

Ford's electric Focus will be the exclusive vehicle for "The Jay Leno Show" in a segment the host calls the "Green Car Challenge." The battery electric vehicle, specially made for the show, will be available in North America in 2011.

Leno will showcase Ford's electric Focus when the show kicks off September 14. Celebrity guests will complete against each other in the "Green Car Challenge" segment.

It took three weeks to build the car and another couple of weeks to properly tune the suspension so it could be driven fast on a racetrack. The development work was done at Ford's Michigan Proving Grounds in Romeo, Mich. Because this Focus is built to race, it is equipped with a roll bar and a five-point harness for the driver.

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