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Sony NV-U70

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The Sony NV-U70 uses a 12-channel GPS receiver and comes preloaded with detailed street-level maps of the 48 contiguous U.S. states, Hawaii, and a database of 1.6 million points of interest (POI). Maps of Alaska, Canada, and Puerto Rico are available on the included DVD-ROM, but you'll need to transfer those from your computer to the NV-U70 via the USB cable.

The NV-U70's interface is straightforward and simple to use. From the main menu, you can choose from five options--New Destination, Search Nearby, Route, Muting, and Settings--and if you want to return to the main page, you can hit the Back button or any point on the screen.

You can plot your course by address, POI, recent destinations, favorites, or a point on the map. You can also customize the unit so that it generates directions by the fastest or shortest route, and you can tell it to avoid interstates and tollways. Like all GPS devices today, the NV-U70 offers text- and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, but it doesn't include the latest text-to-speech technology that speaks the name of the street. Instead, you'll receive generic directions, such as "Turn right in 100 feet."

Maps can be viewed in either 2D (in driving direction or oriented north) or 3D mode. Once the unit draws up a map, three icons show up at the top of your screen. They are unmarked, which created a bit of confusion at first, but we soon found out they are for hiding/showing View Mode (driving direction or north up), Select Destination, and all other icons. A battery icon in the upper right shows you how much juice you have left. The bottom of the screen presents useful information, such as your driving speed, time, current location, and direction. If you need to make a pit stop along the way, simply use the Search Nearby menu to find the closest POI from your current location. You can search from a wide range of establishments, including restaurants (sorted by type), ATMs, gas stations, shopping centers, hotels, garages, and more.

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