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2005 Acura RL review:

2005 Acura RL

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The Acura RL's Bluetooth setup for hands-free calling is straightforward, but oddly, you can perform the setup via voice command only. As with all Bluetooth-equipped cars, we recommend you talk to the dealership service department to check compatibility with your specific wireless phone before buying the car. Once paired to the car, your phone will show various status messages on a minidisplay embedded below the speedometer, rather than interrupting the main LCD information. This is a smart interface choice by Acura. In fact, that same ergonomic idea is seen in the small helper display above the main LCD, which shows useful information such as the time, the radio frequency, and the thermostat setting, all without having to interrupt the main LCD, which is probably busy with navigation information.

The 2005 Acura RL's audio system embraces the new DVD-Audio trend in car audio. Incorporating Bose CenterPoint technology, the system lets you play 5.1 DVD surround sound with excellent spatial positioning. There are 10 speakers onboard, driven by a 280-watt, six-channel amp.

In the invisible tech department, Acura's active noise-cancellation system is particularly intriguing. The RL samples road noise via two headliner-mounted microphones, then uses the sound system to cancel the same frequencies. This system works the same way noise-canceling headphones do, and Acura says that the system allowed it to the cut back on the amount of heavy, bulky sound deadening material the company had to stuff into the doors and the body panels of the RL.

Acura has taken a high-tech approach to maintenance and customer support via a system called AcuraLink. Using the same XM satellites that deliver audio and traffic data, your RL can receive diagnostic support, intelligent maintenance reminders, and on-demand tutorials to help you learn the car's various systems. Since AcuraLink is integrated with the car's Bluetooth hands-free system, the driver can respond to service prompts and messages with one-touch dialing either to reach an Acura dealer to schedule service or to get Acura roadside assistance--providing they've set up a Bluetooth phone with the car.

On top of AcuraLink, the RL also comes standard with OnStar telematics and a one-year complementary subscription to its Safe & Sound service, which includes remote door unlocking, air bag deployment notification, stolen vehicle locator assistance, and emergency roadside assistance. The RL's bumper-to-bumper and power train warranties both cover four years/50,000 miles--somewhat skimpy coverage compared to the power train warranties on competing Lexus and Infiniti vehicles.

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