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Samsung announces pricing for 105-inch 4K screen

​Samsung has announced its ginormous 105-inch UN105S9W television is now available for pre-order for $120,000.

1 hour ago

Nvidia Shield returns as a $299 8-inch gaming tablet

Nvidia's Shield Tablet wants to be the TV-connected game device and Android tablet of your dreams. We tried one out and have the details.

4 hours ago

Xiaomi's Mi 4 flagship phone innovates on the iPhone design (hands-on)

The 4G-capable Android device may take its design cue from Apple's smartphone but it adds its own flourish with a swappable rear cover and a 5-inch display.

5 hours ago

Great calendar app for any device

Sunrise looks great and plays nice with multiple platforms as one of the best calendar apps available.

18 hours ago
4 stars Excellent

Canon Rebel T5/EOS 1200D fails to impress

You can find better deals than this umpteenth repackaging of years-old technology.

20 hours ago

Yale refreshes its keyless smart lock lineup

Newer, smaller models are said to be available as soon as this month.

20 hours ago

If you're on a shoestring budget, it's hard to argue against this tablet

This 7-inch slate is a bargain, but don't expect too much from it.

4 days ago

Tesla Model S takes driving to the 21st century

With its electric drivetrain and a unique take on how you interact with the car, the Tesla Model S is indeed a car for the new millennium.

4 days ago
4.5 stars Outstanding

Polaroid's XS100i action makes it easy to capture your family adventures

Lightweight and waterproof with Wi-Fi and a nice accessory package, the budget-friendly XS100i is just enough camera to make it worth checking out.

4 days ago
3.5 stars Very good
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