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    Short Bio: Work work work is my life. Plumber full time computer tech A+ cert part time and Hobbiest low voltage Home theater/cat5 wiring installer on the side. I enjoy working in the construction industry, be it new homes or renovations. the end product and the happy customer is what keeps me going :) when i'm not running around with my head cut off i'm relaxing with a special someone or playing world of war craft, (fenris Skilled Alliance)

    Machine: system #1 Primairy use, gaming AMDx2 4400+ 2gig ram 150gig raptor main drive 500gig storage 2x 6800gts SLI ASUS prem sli board system #2 use = media center core 2 duo 6400 4gig ram 3x500G hd's second pair in raid as 1terabyte asus board