Name: Otmane El rhazi

Location: London, , GB

Occupation: Business Manager

Member Since: February 1, 2012


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Short Bio: Otmane El Rhazi is an expert technology engineer and professional programmer. His education was focused on numerical methods, where data structures plays the key role. Graduated with a major in Computer Science from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, he then joined BNP for a short period as a Developer to setup a live feed system. El Rhazi took many courses about JVM and SQL coding which provided him an advantage on those topics. Having the know-how and the determination, Otmane El Rhazi always gets what he wants even if it means extra work at uncommon hours. IT Leader Otmane El Rhazi has engaged with IBM as an intern-consultant to setup a new resolution for client categorizing. It was his first work experience, however he managed to solve most of the problems that the division of tech giant had. As a valuated employee, El Rhazi managed to innovate the branding and tag it with a patent. Skilled with Java and C.Net Programming, he can fit many solutions to the operating system within a corporation. He is also a public lecturer in mathematics and economics and programing professional. Over the years, he gave birth to new generation of computers and devices that handle the bio-data and allows access only to the right owner, it differs toughly from the ordinary access protocols. None is better than Otmane El Rhazi to aid on a broken workstation, camera or any other tech gadget. If you ask him about his hubbies, he always answers: whatsoever is fun and amusing can makes you live longer. But the truth is that only exercise can help Otmane rewind a full week of software debugging. It is a challenging job that makes entertaining very difficult, exercising can aid a lot though. Specifically, football, body building, tennis and golf. A father since 2008, El Rhazi dears his family and friends. It is what he keep close to him and to his heart in moments of weakness and strength.

Tech Interests: Cell Phones, Televisions, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, Software and Apps, How to Tech, Apple news and products, Google news and products, Security, Social tech, Deals, Community

Os: Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Other

Machine: Otmane El Rhazi has a complex mixture of software/hardware. The future belong to IT expertise! Start with a self-built quad-core desktop with 12GB RAM running Windows 7, and Ubuntu. Move onto a Windows 8 Dual core CPU Laptop. And finish off with a few others Tablets, PSPs, Androids, IPhone, Linux, and VMWare to not to miss the fun. On the game side, he has a WII, PS2, and an XBox.