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    Short Bio: I"m a citizen of Australia and New Zealand and recently a resident of Canada,small family,wife and 2 kids,14yrs retail manager,4yrs kiwifruit production and export (there"s a good chance if you"ve eaten one in the last 5 years from New Zealand i"ve sneezed on it),2yrs in tree removal,primarily heavy equipment operation and maintenance,started with PC"s in the 80"s on zx81"s and radio shack trs80"s,mediocre audiophile with an unusal collection of 10 and 12 inch 45"s (vinyl for you born post "85)

    Machine: forget it,every one of our systems is continually being modified,suffice to say we use everything from a pentium 200 running "95 thru to a p4 running XP on a regular basis and occasionaly bring out an old 486,even an old 80286 laptop,mostly p3"s tho