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Short Bio: I bought my 1st PC in "99. Got hooked on tech & tweaking/modifying. Now I build for friends & family & have my own biz giving in-home PC lessons, recommendations/setups of new systems, tune-ups, new hardware upgrades, data recovery, remote assistance. I like getting people excited about computing. So far, it"s working! I enjoy all OS"s- from OS9/X, to Linux, to MS- even 3.1 w/a Calmira shell (my photo on my page is Homer saying "Mmmmm, Calmira"- lol)...

Machine: 1)Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum, 1.8Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, ATI AIW 128 video/tuner, dual HD & opticals- XP Pro. 2)Chaintech 7KJD, 1.47Ghz, 512mb RAM, GF 5200 video, dual HD & opticals- 98. Others)Epia, Powermac, other embedded systems of various makes...