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The Good Zeebox lets you use one app as the second screen for all your favorite shows. It's filled with information, and you get live updates about actors, products, and more that appear in the show.

The Bad If you're not careful, you'll be sending tweets and Facebook statuses about every little thing. Control of your set-top box (when it happens) will be limited to Comcast until more companies come on-board.

The Bottom Line If you watch television regularly, Zeebox is an excellent companion, with tons of information about each show and several ways to communicate with other fans in real time.

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Zeebox (iOS | Android) is a "second screen" television companion app for your iOS or Android devices that adds to your viewing experience as you watch your favorite shows.

There are already several second-screen apps available for specific shows and networks, but what sets Zeebox apart is the backing of NBC Universal, HBO, and Comcast, giving it the capability to be the second screen for all your TV watching. It also acts as your guide for planning your TV viewing throughout the day, with listings in your area for whichever service (even outside the companies listed) you use.

To check out the features in Zeebox you can sign in through Facebook or Twitter, or you can bypass the social networks initially to get the lay of the land. I chose to skip the sign-in, but it quickly became clear to me that the social connection is a neat way to share with friends while getting show recommendations from people you know who are also on Zeebox.

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