Yahoo for Android review:

Elegant news feed with a personal touch

The app uses parallax scrolling to make the headlines scroll slightly faster than the background image to give the news feed a feeling of depth. It may sound distracting, but Yahoo has done a good job of making the summaries stand out against the photo backdrops, giving it a certain elegance while you swipe through the headlines. One thing worth mentioning is that the app doesn't work in landscape mode.

Aesthetics aside, the Yahoo app also ties social-networking services into your news browsing for personalization and sharing, but there is a slight issue. Under the menu button in the upper left, you have a button for Topic Preferences, which takes you to a page where you can connect with Facebook to have the app include more stories that follow your interests. While this process is simple enough, it seems strange that you need to connect your Facebook account in order to add topics and get a personalized news feed in the Yahoo app.

Even without the connection, if you want to share a story with a friend, you can do so using the Share button. This pulls up Android's standard share menu, which lets you share items with other installed applications, like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, without making the connection, the Yahoo app itself will remember the stories you read and automatically try to deliver news that matches your interests.

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