XtremeMac Shieldz for iPod Shuffle 3-Pack

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XtremeMac Shieldz

Think of XtremeMac's Shieldz ($19.95) as armor for your iPod Shuffle but only part of it. Made from a single piece of stiff, translucent plastic, Shieldz cover the front of the Shuffle from top to bottom but leave the back open, and they also have a cutout area for the dial. So while they shield the Shuffle from scuffing, they don't offer weather protection. Like Bumperz, they're made to work with only the lanyard cap. Since Shieldz don't bend, you'll need to remove the case totally to dock your Shuffle. XtremeMac sells them in three color combinations of three Shieldz each. We tested the neon bubblegum, neon lemon, and neon tangerine assortment, fluorescent colors that evoke everything we disliked about the '80s. XtremeMac also offers an all-American Cherry, Ice, and Cobalt pack, as well as a fruity Bubblegum, Grape, and Lemon set.

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XtremeMac Shieldz for iPod Shuffle 3-Pack (Neon Bubblegum, Neon Tangerine, Neon Lemon)

Part Number: IPS-SDZ-20

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  • Color neon bubblegum
    neon lime
    neon tangerine