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3.5 stars Very good
  • Overall: 7.0
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 7.0
  • Performance: 7.0
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The Good The XtremeMac Luna offers a plethora of alarm options, and it tunes into both AM and FM bands. Sound quality at a close range is good, and the remote offers bass and treble controls. Includes auxiliary line input for use with non-iPod MP3 players.

The Bad The XtremeMac Luna lacks an autoscan function and you must manually input presets; FM radio reception isn't the greatest. The remote can't navigate through iPod menus.

The Bottom Line The XtremeMac Luna is a decent-sounding tabletop iPod radio with plentiful alarm options and funky chrome knobs--if you're in the market for a bedside speaker unit, don't overlook this one.

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If you've seen one radio alarm clock-cum-speaker dock for iPod, have you seen them all? One could certainly make that argument and, to be honest, I probably wouldn't argue too vehemently against that person. Still, there's always a chance that one might surprise you. The XtremeMac Luna ($149.95) isn't really that "one," but some fun design elements and above-average sound quality make it a fine choice in the bedside tabletop radio category.

At 11 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep by 2.9 inches tall, the XtremeMac Luna offers about the same footprint of most other iPod-ready radio alarm clocks, but it is noticeably larger than a standard clock radio. Still, it will fit comfortably on most bedside tables. The design is fairly uninspiring overall: it has the same white plastic housing and black speaker grille found on most iPod speaker docks. Still, I like the funky chrome knobs on the top--it kind of makes the Luna look like a giant Lego. The LCD is also ample (2.7-inches diagonal) and the text is large and legible. By default, it displays light text on a dark background, but that's easy to change. In fact, all of the settings are simple to adjust, thanks to an instruction card that comes placed over the knobs.

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XtremeMac Luna

Part Number: IPDLUN00

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Quick Specifications See All

  • Built-in Display LCD
  • Tuner Bands AM/FM
  • Type 3 month warranty
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Type clock radio
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