Write: Tablet Notepad/Journal review: Write: Tablet Notepad/Journal

Within your document, you can choose from nine different font styles and seven different text sizes. It's worth noting that your choices here will only affect the active document, whereas your theme choice affects all of your documents. At any point while you're writing, you can add a title to your piece via the Action Bar at the top.

As minimal as Write is, the app still offers a few conveniences that both writers and casual note-takers will appreciate. There's a word counter at the top of the screen, as well as a character counter, autosave, and sharing. There's even an option to hide the Action Bar at the top of the screen, in case you want to get extra focused. If you use the app often, then you'll probably want to organize your documents into folders. This is easy to do from the Home screen, where you can easily filter your documents by folder or date. There's also a keyword search tool that can help you find a particular word or block of text in any of your documents.

One thing I think Write needs is an archive or trash folder. For anyone using the app on a regular basis, this would help significantly in organizing fast-growing document lists. And the trash folder would certainly be great for retrieving documents that you may have accidentally deleted. As of now, anything you delete is gone forever. I learned that the hard way. And, of course, there's the compatibility issue. As of now, Write only works on tablets running Android 3.0 and up, but we'd love to see it expand to phones as well.

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