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Wipeout has two game modes: participating in the show, and time trials. When you enter the show, the game puts you through an audition, in which you'll learn the ropes on how to jump and maneuver through some basic obstacles. Next you'll need to qualify on a course competing against a large field of contestants to get on the show. In the next challenge you'll need make it into the top three to move on, and then the contestant who completes the final obstacle course in the shortest amount of time wins the competition and cash.

Once you earn some cash you'll be able to buy new helmets that give you various perks on the obstacle course. Before each round, you'll be able to select and purchase helmets that give you an onscreen button to jump higher, run faster, or other useful things. You only get one chance to use your helmet's special perk, so you'll need to time it for the right moment in the course. When you earn some more coins, you can purchase additional uses for a maximum of three for one course.

Wipeout comes with four "shows," each with three obstacle courses you'll need to complete with the best time to win. The level-select screen shows two more spaces for new shows that are "coming soon," and the developers promise the updates will come free of charge. The only problem is that to unlock a show costs coins, and it seems that the developers have made the last two of the four available shows quite expensive to make up for the missing promised updates. This means you'll spend a lot of time replaying the first two challenges to make enough to unlock the third. The game is fun, so it's not a big annoyance mastering the levels, but be aware that you'll be repeating shows several times. It's important to note that you also can earn cash running courses for time in the Time Trials mode, so switching modes doesn't keep you from advancing in the game.

Overall, Wipeout is fun and truly different platform game. The challenging courses, the brutal flips and falls into the water, and the addition of helmets keep the game interesting, but there is a certain amount of grinding to progress. If you like platform games or like the "Wipeout" TV show, I recommend that you check out this fun and funny game.

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