WeVideo for Android review: A quick-and-dirty video editor for Android

To get started editing, all you have to do is tap and drag any item to the timeline at the bottom. You can drag a series of videos or still images or a combination of both. And if you need to, you can easily reorder the items with a simple tap-and-drag gesture as well. From there, you can tap any item on your timeline to perform your micro-edits. You'll be able to trim clips to an appropriate length, adjust their volume, and even add captions. The last step here is to add an audio track to play over your footage. Unfortunately, though, the WeVideo app doesn't let you edit or trim your audio in any way, which makes it almost impossible to try to sync your video to a soundtrack. So, if that's what you're looking to do, you'll have to hit the desktop.

Once you're done putting your video together, you can stylize your footage with one of WeVideo's included themes. In all there are 24, each of which adds different color filters, borders, and even transitions to your video. The available themes don't offer much in the way of customization, but it's still nice to have at least these two dozen templates available. And ultimately, if you want to get more granular with your effects and edits, you can always upload your project from your mobile device to your cloud account and edit from the full Web version of WeVideo.

Finally, there's the Publish screen, where you'll find options to save your video as well as share on YouTube or Facebook. In my tests, I was able to share to YouTube, but for some reason the Facebook share didn't work, even after multiple attempts. Hopefully, this little bug gets fixed in an update. By default, the app will always save to your WeVideo account in the cloud when you publish, and you can check the option to save a copy locally as well.

Overall, WeVideo provides a dead simple platform for making quick-and-dirty edits on videos, photos, and audio files on your mobile device.

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