WeVideo for Android review: A quick-and-dirty video editor for Android

WeVideo - Video Editor (Android)

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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good For a mobile video editor WeVideo has an incredibly simple interface with basic tools that work well. Plus, it syncs to the cloud, so you can access and even edit your projects from your computer.

The Bad The app lacks any sort of audio-editing features, which makes it almost impossible to sync with music. Also, a tool for adjusting video and audio speeds would be a welcome addition, as would be customizable themes.

The Bottom Line For a dead simple editor that can put together video clips in a flash, WeVideo impresses. But know that it lacks any truly powerful tools to make granular edits. For those, you'll have to upload your project to the Web and finish from a computer.

8.0 Overall
  • Installation and Setup 10.0
  • Features and Support 6.0
  • Interface 10.0
  • Performance 8.0

With the WeVideo app for Android, you can quickly edit and publish video clips while on the go. The app even syncs to your WeVideo account in the cloud, so you can continue your work from a browser on your desktop computer.

If you don't already have a WeVideo account, the app will create one for you when you first log in. By default, you get a free Lite account, which comes with 5GB of storage and 15 minutes of export time per month. It also caps your export resolution at 480p, but you can pay a small fee to upgrade this on an ad hoc basis. And if you want higher capacities and resolution for all of your videos, you can always upgrade to a paid account at any time.

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WeVideo is a quick and dirty editor that lets you chop up, stylize, and publish your video to the Web. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

Perhaps the best thing about WeVideo for Android is the app's interface. It's as simple as it gets and should be easy to pick up even for those without any video editing experience at all. Conveniently, the app opens up to your Media Library, which shows off all of the videos, images, and audio files stored on your device, so there's no need to import anything into the app before editing. The bad thing here is that your Media Library will not show you any media that you have uploaded directly to your cloud account from a desktop, so in your mobile video projects, you'll only be able to use what's stored locally.

To get started editing, all you have to do is tap and drag any item to the timeline at the bottom. You can drag a series of videos or still images or a combination of both. And if you need to, you can easily reorder the items with a simple tap-and-drag gesture as well. From there, you can tap any item on your timeline to perform your micro-edits. You'll be able to trim clips to an appropriate length, adjust their volume, and even add captions. The last step here is to add an audio track to play over your footage. Unfortunately, though, the WeVideo app doesn't let you edit or trim your audio in any way, which makes it almost impossible to try to sync your video to a soundtrack. So, if that's what you're looking to do, you'll have to hit the desktop.

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