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The Good The Westone 2 True-Fit Earphones offer fantastic sound quality, useful accessories, and a durable design.

The Bad The Westone 2 earphones are expensive, and the earpieces may not be comfortable for everyone.

The Bottom Line The Westone 2 True-Fit Earphones offer great sound and features for the money; those who find triple-driver earbuds too large for their ears should take heed.

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For most listeners, $100 or less can provide a great-sounding set of earbuds to use with a portable audio device. But the more discerning you are, the lighter your wallet needs to get. Unless you count yourself among the pickiest of audiophiles, somewhere between $200 and $300 should do the trick. Falling smack in the middle of this range are the Westone 2 True-Fit Earphones, a $250 set that provides excellent audio quality across a range of genres. While not quite as sparkly as their step-up siblings, the Westone 3s, their smaller size and lower price will make them a more worthwhile investment for most.

The design of the Westone 2 True-Fit Earphones is a bit unconventional, namely because of the cable. Each wire is individually coated in black rubber and then braided to form the overall cord. Westone asserts that this winding characteristic contributes to both the comfort and durability of the cord. The cable, which measures 50 inches, terminates in a gold-plated L-plug and features a slider at the Y for preventing tangles. Westone includes an optional inline volume control attachment that increases the overall length by 10 inches. There's also a quarter-inch adapter, a cleaning tool, and a soft-sided zipper pouch, along with perhaps the largest selection of eartips we've ever seen. There are three sets of stiff and tapered rubber eartips in S, M, and L; three sizes of soft silicone sleeves; three sets of foam fittings in various lengths; and one triple-flanged set.

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