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The Good Great price for two digital-spread-spectrum handsets; one shared phone book; call timer; standard AAA rechargeable batteries.

The Bad Short handset battery life; confusing control-button array; "hybrid" 2.4GHz/5.8GHz; no battery meter.

The Bottom Line The 5.8GHz VTech ip5825 is a dual-handset cordless phone system with a bargain price, a nice array of features, and decent call quality.

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VTech ip5825

Except for a couple of annoying quirks, the two-handset expandable VTech ip5825 system is one of the great values in cordless phones. For $79, you get two 5.8GHz digital-spread-spectrum handsets with some handy features; in fact, what is missing may not matter to you.

Let's dispose of the niggling negatives. Atop the dial pad are five control keys. The problem is that the on/off keys are almost the same size as the menu-up/down scrolling keys immediately above them. As a result, you'll constantly hit the wrong key to initiate, answer, or end a call. And all the keys except for these five slightly confusing control keys are backlit with a bright lime-green glow. Why VTech left the handy backlight off these crucial buttons is beyond us.

At the bottom-right corner of the three-line display, you can make out a three-segment battery meter etched in the back layer of the LCD. But it lights up only when the phone is charging, rather than letting you know how much--or how little--power you have left while you're using the handsets. Fortunately, the phone displays a "low battery" warning as the batteries near dying.

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