VSCO Cam for iOS review: Great for photo-editing, but not for social sharing

With this latest version of the app, there's also a chance your photo will make into VSCO Cam's Grid, but that is left up to whomever curates the feed. When you finish a photo, you'll see that it is pending for the grid, but it's pretty clear that the images that make it through are of high quality (judging from the feed), so you'll have to take a particularly nice shot and hope for the best.

Fortunately, if you want to share all your work, VSCO lets you create a URL to your personal "grid" of shots. I like that I can send a link to all my shots, but I'd prefer to have feeds that I can customize to include photos from both me and my friends.

The feed lacks features
You can view VSCO Cam's grid by touching the button in the main menu. Here the focus is obviously on the content, with big images that take up the screen, and a swiping interface for moving on to the next image. If you touch an image, you can get more info, such as the date it was taken, along with other stats like the ISO and whether the photographer used the flash.

What you don't get, however, are any ways to "Like" or comment on a photo. VSCO seems to be focusing more on the images themselves, which is fine, but it might be better to be able to at least give some feedback and create a discussion.

The other issue I have with the Grid is that there should be more ways to explore content. As is, you just get a browsable list of photos curated by the people at VSCO, and while you can search for individual photographers, you'll need to know their names beforehand. If there was a way to break it down by category, or look at up-and-coming or most popular photos, or somehow browse the photographers beyond what's in the feed, it would be a much better experience.

Final thoughts
VSCO Cam was already a well-designed photo editor with a unique minimalist interface. It takes great shots, and the filters and tools included are way beyond what you will find in Instagram. The capability to fine-tune each of the filters and effects is useful for getting the exact look you want.

The interface can be a little confusing at first, but with some use it's pretty easy to get the hang of it. I also think people will appreciate how the images are front and center in the Grid, without a lot of noise to distract you from the photography.

With all that said, the Grid doesn't have enough ways to sort content, making discovery limited to what is curated by VSCO. So, while the latest update is an upgrade to the app and lays out some good concepts, the feed needs to provide more ways to interact if the app wants to take on the likes of Instagram and other social photography networks.

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