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Vox V1

The CD also contains a backup application, iniBackup, that works with the button on the front of the device (much like the OneTouch button in the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus). However, we found the software sloppy at best. The incoherent interface looks as if it's a mock-up of an application that's still under development. It took us a while to do one manual backup job, which worked very much like Windows' drag-and-drop copy function, and then created the scheduled backup job. However, the scheduled job didn't run at the specified time. There is also inconsistency between the manual and the software. For example, the manual mentions (with illustrations) the security feature that lets you protect the drive with a password; however, the software (version 1.17) doesn't seem to have this feature,one of several missing from iniBackup. In short, you'd be better off using third-party software such as Acronis True Image if you want to use the Vox V1 as a reliable backup solution. Alternatively, you can use the drive without its backup software.

As an external hard drive, the Vox V1 excelled in our testing with the scores of 157Mbps in write tests and 164.5Mbps in read tests. These scores are currently the fastest among all the USB 2.0-based external hard drives we've tested. The drive was also very quiet during our test. However, it got rather hot, even though the power adapter is not included within the casing. We find this is normal with most of external hard drives where the casing is just a little bit bigger than the hard drive itself. We recommend that you use them in open spaces.

Vox ships the V1 with one-year limited warranty during which time they will fix or replace the defective unit for free. On the Web site, you can download drivers, software, and the manual in PDF format. Vox's preferred medium for technical support is e-mail; we couldn't find information about phone support on their Web site.

Portable hard drive read/write tests (in megabits per second)
(Longer bars indicate faster performance)
Vox External Hard Drive USB 2.0 & SATA V1
Maxtor OneTouch4Plus
SimpleTech External 500GB
Maxtor OneTouch4 Mini
Toshiba 200GB
Iomega eGo
Lacie Biggest FW800 1TB

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