Vevo for Android review: For watching music videos, it beats YouTube

What Vevo offers that many video sites don't are shows and Vevo live programming. Vevo's shows are essentially collections of music-related videos from a number of sources from around the Web. One example is the Grammy's collection, which shows you all of the performances and acceptance speeches from the event. And then there's Vevo TV live programming, which is round-the-clock play of music videos broken down into hour-long genre-based programs. Together, these offerings make for a viewing experience that is much different from, say, YouTube's.

With all of its great content and its beautiful interface, Vevo does have one major flaw that I think needs fixing. If you leave Vevo to answer a phone call or respond to a text message, for example, the app doesn't remember where you left off. Whether you pause the video and exit the app or you're simply interrupted by an unexpected incoming call, Vevo will reset the video you were watching when you come back, which is annoying.

Another fix I'd like to see is a global search button. With search being such a big part of the Vevo experience, it doesn't make sense that the app makes you back out of a video to do a search. Also, I'd love to see artist info or at least hyperlinks brought to the video page.

With so many video-streaming apps available, Vevo sets itself apart by focusing on one thing and doing it well. It has a large catalog of music videos and other music-related video content, and its playback quality is top-notch. What's more, Vevo is available for free download, and the app lets you get started even without setting up an account.

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