V-Moda Vibrato (Black/Chrome) review: V-Moda Vibrato (Black/Chrome)

Provided you can get a good seal with the ear, the Vibrato Remote will reward you with excellent audio quality and impressive sound isolation. Also, V-Moda seems to have decreased the cable noise issue found in some previous models, as the cord rubbing against clothing is no longer as distracting (perhaps the Kevlar helped with this as well).

More importantly, music sounds great through the Vibrato earphones. As we've come to expect from V-Moda-branded headphones, these provide a deep, thumping low-end. Better yet, the bass in this case doesn't overshadow the other sounds, but gives a satisfying heft to tracks across genres. Meanwhile, mids are rich and warm without being overly forward, and the highs sparkle. There's definitely an emphasis on the lows, though, so those looking for strictly balanced audio may not prefer the sound here. That said, the Vibratos performed to our tastes across every genre we threw at them, with a particular knack for dance, rock, pop, electronic, and hip-hop.

We also tested the remote functionality of the Vibrato and it worked flawlessly with our fourth-gen iPod Touch. The play, pause, and call answer function also served its purpose for an Android device we had on hand. As such, these earphones are a great option for music-loving iPhone and Android users.

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