Urbanears Plattan Plus review: Urbanears Plattan Plus

The single-sided cloth cable exits from the left earcup and descends about 45 inches, ending in a straight plug with rubber reinforced lining to prevent degradation over time. The braided cloth cord keeps it from tangling up in a bag, but you can also wrap it around the folded headphone in storage, although we're disappointed that Urbanears doesn't include a carrying case.

The top of the cord also has a microphone module with a three-button remote control on the other side that's comfortable to use and easy to distinguish thanks to the raised middle button used for navigating tracks. The other two buttons control volume up and down.

It's no surprise that brightly colored headphones that cater to a younger audience tend to emphasize the deeper end of the sonic spectrum, and the Urbanears Plattan Plus headphones have no shortage of bass. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of clarity, and you'll notice this deficiency immediately if you're playing a track with a booming drum machine or other synthetic sounds--these tracks are overrun with a muffled quality that you might not enjoy if you're used to the crisp, detailed tones of an audiophile headset like the Grado SR80.

Of course, some people prefer that extra bass push, as we've seen with the popularity of the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones, so some of you might consider that pounding sound a bonus, especially since the Plattan Pluses run loud.

The Urbanears Plattan Plus aren't made for discerning headphone enthusiasts, but rather for the city dweller who wants to express his or her individual style with a brightly colored headband that also happens to play music. We like the ZoundPlug that encourages multiple users to listen simultaneously, and small details like the cloth-protected cord and the useful in-line remote make the Plattan Plattan a nice choice, especially at such a low price.

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