Urbanears Plattan headphone review: Urbanears Plattan headphone

3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good The Urbanears Plattan headphones are inexpensive and come in a vast array of color options. They're also compact and stylish, and will work with music phones thanks to an integrated mic and call answer button.

The Bad The Plattan headphones aren't terribly comfortable and overall audio quality is muddy.

The Bottom Line The Urbanears Plattan headphones are all about style, which unfortunately doesn't leave much room for great sound in this case. Beware of mushy bass, nasally mids, and an absence of clarity.

6.0 Overall
  • Design 7.0
  • Features 7.0
  • Performance 4.0

Editors' note, January 25, 2010: We initially miscalculated the ratings for this product. The correct overall rating is 6.0; Design is 7, Features is 7, and Performance is 4.

It's nothing new, but the propensity of headphone manufacturers to crop up with the latest "fashion-forward" model has enjoyed a sharp uptick as of late. Newcomer Urbanears provides several examples, with three lines of portable headphones designed to catch eyes and turn heads. One is the Plattan, an on-ear model that comes in a choice of 14 colors. Unfortunately, these earphones don't offer the clearest audio quality, but they do pump out plenty of bass and cost a relatively affordable $60 a pop.

In case you were wondering if that 14 before was a typo, it's not--the Urbanears Plattan headphones come in hues to suit every taste, including a charmingly green "salad" tinge, two shades of gray, and three shades of blue. The color extends from the padded, fabric-coated headband down to the circular earcups and even the stiff padding. This could definitely stand to be cushier, as the headphones tend to put uncomfortable pressure on the ear after about an hour of wear. But the Plattan headphones definitely look good, with their matte finish and metal adjustment loops.

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