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This tab houses several items: suggestions for other users to follow, a category browser for finding Twitter users that suit your interests, a Find Friends tool for uploading your phone's contacts, and a list of trending topics. One thing that's missing here is the Activity stream, which in other apps (including Twitter for Android and iOS) gives you a quick snapshot of what your Twitter connections are marking as favorites, retweeting, and otherwise engaging in on Twitter. Also missing is the ability to filter trending topics by location.

Finally, the Me tab houses your Twitter profile, with bio, location, and profile photos, and all of it can be edited with just a couple of taps on the lower application bar. Direct Messages, drafts, saved searches, and recent photos are all there as well. The big feature that's missing, though, is list management. Twitter for Windows Phone lets you see your lists, but not edit them in any way. It doesn't even let you delete or create new lists, which is a shame, considering the Android and iOS apps have had such powers for a long time.

Composing tweets
When it comes to firing off tweets, Twitter for Windows Phone has the basics down, but that's about it. It autocompletes names of other Twitter users (which, to me, is a biggie), and it can add location tags with a single tap. One thing that's frustrating is that the Compose button sometimes disappears with the application bar while you're zipping around the app. I, for one, am a big supporter of the "global" Compose button that stays put, so you can fire off a tweet from anywhere within the app. Same goes for the search button, which also unfortunately disappears on Windows Phone.

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Autocomplete is a nice detail that everyone will appreciate. Also worth noting: this is the only screen in the entire app that works in landscape mode. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

With its last big update, Twitter for Windows Phone finally got the photo-editing tools that Android and iOS users have been enjoying. The filter options are the same across all platforms, with choices like Vignette, Warm, Cool, and Antique.

Many will also be disappointed to know that Twitter for Windows Phone lacks the photo-editing tools that have been available in the Android and iOS versions for some time. This means no built-in, Instagram-style photo filters, and no tools for cropping, scaling, or auto-enhancing.

There's no question that Twitter for Windows Phone looks sleek and performs well. But when it comes to features, this young app still has a lot to learn from its siblings on Android and iOS. Photo-editing and list management tools would be a good start. And finally, can we get some landscape mode, please?

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