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4.5 stars

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The Good Twitter for Windows Phone has a visually stunning interface and smooth, reliable performance. Features like autocomoplete, photo filters, and lock screen options are highlights.

The Bad No list management tools. Inline previews of rich media would be nice.

The Bottom Line Twitter for Windows Phone looks great, and offers a complete experience that's comparable to those of its counterparts on iOS and Android.


8.8 Overall
  • Setup 10.0
  • Features 8.0
  • Interface 9.0
  • Performance 9.0

Editors' note: This review was updated June 7, 2013, to cover the features added in the latest version.

The Twitter app for Windows Phone devices was recently updated, and it now looks and feels more in line with its siblings on Android and iOS. And thanks to recent updates, its feature set is gradually closing the gap as well.

Like its Android and iOS siblings, Twitter for Windows Phone is organized around four central navigation tabs: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. The tabs are all clearly marked with standard Twitter icons, and you can either tap or swipe to shuttle between them. The entire interface of the updated app has that distinctively minimal Windows Phone feel, with its clean lines, ample white space, and slim application bar at the bottom. The app is attractive, and at the same time, it offers a few Windows-specific conveniences like live tiles and a lock screen option.

Each time you boot up the Twitter app, it opens to your Home screen and lands on the last tweet that you read. From here, you can swipe through the Timeline normally, or tap the Home icon to quickly jump to the top. A tap on any individual tweet expands it onto a new screen, which offers options to Reply, Retweet, Favorite, or Share (via e-mail or text). In some cases, this popped-out tweet also shows rich media like thumbnails of linked images, previews for links, or even Vine videos. While everything here certainly works nicely, I would much prefer to see tweets expanded inline, without having to pop out to a new screen each time. To be fair, though, I have the same wish for the Twitter app on Android.

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The updated interface is minimalist and attractive. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

The Connect tab charts your interactions with Twitter friends, showing your mentions and letting you know when others retweet you, favorite your tweets, or begin following you. The experience here is straightforward and standard across all of Twitter's mobile apps.

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