Tumblr for iOS review: Revamped look and faster navigation

This latest version of the app not only reworks the interface, but it felt much more responsive as I browsed through the menus. The new look is very sleek, and I think people will really appreciate how quickly you can post whatever you want with only a few taps of the screen. Especially cool-looking is the post-type screen, where icons slide in for each of Tumblr's main post types: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, and Video. Touching a post type takes you directly to the input screen where you can add your title, add tags, and publish to your Tumblr.

One thing that still hasn't been addressed in this version is there still isn't an easy way to add style to your text. To make bold subtitles, or use other common style formats, you still have to enter HTML tags. Blog posts often have simple formatting to make the different sections pop so it just seems like that's a feature that should be added to the interface.

The updated Tumblr app looks great, requires fewer taps to navigate, and runs faster than ever. If you use Tumblr you should definitely grab this app for easier posting of what interests you.

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