Tumblr for iOS review: Revamped look and faster navigation

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent
  • Overall: 8.4
  • Installation and Setup: 10.0
  • Features and Support: 7.0
  • Interface: 9.0
  • Performance: 9.0
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The Good The rebuilt interface of the Tumblr app for iOS is clean and makes it easy to navigate quickly. The app is much more responsive as you navigate through menus.

The Bad There still aren't options for stylized text, so you'll still need to add HTML tags to posts.

The Bottom Line The new Tumblr app is a vast improvement over previous versions, with a great new look and fast interaction. If you're a Tumblr user, you should definitely download this app.

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The Tumblr app for iOS lets you interact with the social network by posting just about anything from your iPhone, and a recent redesign of the interface makes it even easier.

The Tumblr app interface gives you a Home screen with the latest posts from the people you follow and buttons across the bottom for navigation. When you touch the Tags icon, you get a list of random photos you can swipe through to browse (great for discovery), and you can enter a tag if you want to look at posts with a specific tag. You can touch the profile icon to view your profile information, and see notifications, people you're following, and a discovery tool for finding new blogs. On the bottom right there is a post button: you can choose a post type (from an elegant list), then post to your Tumblr from your iPhone. If you have several Tumblr blogs, you also can easily manage them and switch to them from within the app.

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