Trendnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps Wireless-N gigabit router review: Trendnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps Wireless-N gigabit router

The TEW-691GR's Web interface is responsive and works with any browser. The interface has a clear indicator that shows the process of changes that are being applied to the router's settings.

Apart from allowing you to change the basic networking settings, the interface give you access to the TEW-691GR's more-advanced features. One of these is Access Control, which allows restricting certain computers in the network from certain Internet services such as Web browsing, e-mailing, and chatting. This feature is rather limited, however, as you can't restrict specifically to a particular Web site or service provider. Other advanced features include Virtual Servers, which allows you to make computers in the network able to host a service, such as FTP or HTTP; Gaming, which prioritizes Internet traffic for certain games; and a few others.

The router is not very comprehensive when it comes to assigning a fixed IP address to a computer in the network. You will need to find that computer's Mac address, via the list of connected devices, and manually type it in. Other routers can display this information and you can just assign a fixed IP to any of them via a few clicks.

For security, the TEW-691GR supports only different variations of the WPA2 encryption standard. This means it might not be compatible with older generations of adapters that only work with WPA or WEP standards.

The TEW-691GR is the first three-stream router we've seen, and we were excited to try it out. As there aren't yet any adapters on the market that support the three-stream standard, we tested the router with Trendnet's recommended TEW-644USB adapter.

In the throughput test, where the router was set up to offer the best possible transfer speeds, the TEW-691GR scored 70.7Mbps, topping the chart of single-band routers by a large margin. By comparison, the second fastest, the Belkin N+, scored only 55.44Mbps in the same test. At this speed, the router can finish transmitting 500MB of data in less than a minute.

In the mixed mode test, where the TEW-691GR was set to work with both N and legacy G wireless clients, the router also did very well, with a score of 60.4Mbps, again topping the chart. However, in the 100-feet range test, the TEW-691GR disappointed us with a score of just 26Mps, a significant degradation.

The router successfully passed our 48-hour stress test, in which the router was set to transmit a large amount of data back and forth between multiple wireless clients. During this time, it didn't disconnect once.

All in all, this is the fastest single-band wireless N router we've seen when used at the range of 75 feet or shorter. The router also offers very good range up to 280 feet away; however, we found that its throughput speed degrades greatly as the range increases.

The TEW-691GR ran rather hot during operation and should only be placed in the open.

CNET Labs 2.4Ghz Wireless-N performance score (in Mbps)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Mixed mode  
Trendnet TEW-691GR
D-Link DIR-825
Belkin N+ Wireless Router
Asante AWRT-550N
D-Link DIR-685
Linksys WRT320N
Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station
Linksys WRT400N
D-Link DIR-615
Apple Time Capsule

Service and support
As with its other routers, Trendnet backs the TEW-691GR with a generous three-year warranty. The toll-free technical phone support is available 24-7, even when the warranty runs out. Trendnet's Web site offers comprehensive self-help tools and other downloadable material, such as manuals and the latest firmware.

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  • Data Transfer Rate 450 Mbps
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