Trendnet TEW-633GR Wireless Router (draft n) review:

Trendnet TEW-633GR Wireless Router (draft n)

The TEW-633GR also features a gigabit WAN port, which is overkill for almost all home networking and online gaming scenarios. Some small office networks with very high-speed access to the Internet might benefit more from this added WAN speed, though TrendNet targets the router primarily to home and gaming users.

Like any Draft N router we've tested, the TEW-633GR's performance doesn't live up to the promise of the 802.11n spec, but the router did turn in some fine results relative to the Draft N competition. On CNET Labs' maximum throughput test, the TEW-633GR put up a 95.0Mbps rate, which was the second fastest score we've seen to date. (It's some distance from TrendNet's claimed speed of up to 300Mbp, but we've never seen any router that performs close to a manufacturer's rated speed). On our long-range throughput test, however, we were a little disappointed with the TEW 633GR's performance. Starting at 200 feet, the signal began to wane, and the speed dropped significantly to 33.9Mbps, which is about the average we've seen on our long-range throughput test but nonetheless lower than that of its predecessor, the TEW-631BRP.

During the testing process, we found that the signal dropped out from time to time. With the router, TrendNet also included in our test kit the TEW-621PC/A Draft N wireless adapter, which we used for the test. (It's our standard test procedure to use the vendor's software to manage their wireless adapter.) The TEW-621PC/A card seemed to have some sort of conflict with its own software because we found that when we switched to Windows XP's built-in Wireless Zero Configuration app, the card worked properly and was able to hold a stable connection.

In our anecdotal reliability test, the TEW-G633GR had no problem providing stable connections to devices from different vendors over a long period of time.

TrendNet provides a generous three-year warranty for the TEW 633GR. Toll-free phone support can be reached 24-7. We called the number and--after a little over 7 minutes of holding--got in touch with a representative who took the product model and our phone number and promised to have somebody call us back at a later time. (We did get a call back from a TrendNet's technical support team about 48 hours later). While the call could have been more satisfying, we were glad that we got ahold of somebody. TrendNet's Web site offers comprehensive self-help tools including the Configuration Emulator, which allows for trying out different settings of the router, as well as other download materials such as manuals, latest firmware, etc.

CNET Labs maximum throughput tests (at 10 feet)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

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