The Daily Planet for iOS review: Your place to get all the news

The Daily Planet deals mostly in stories from Web sites, but there are also audio and video stories. If you download Readability, an additional free app, The Daily Planet will convert hard-to-read full Web site stories into cleanly laid out text that's much easier to read on your iPhone screen. But in my testing, when the connection was poor, the app had trouble making the conversion. Fortunately, you can still use the double-tap zoom feature on the iPhone to get a more readable view of most Web sites until a stronger connection comes back.

Even without the fancy interface you find in other news apps for iOS, The Daily Planet has a few extras that make it useful for more than just news when away from your computer. Support for MapTrac lets you perform local searches for bars, restaurants, and shops, and you can even read reviews powered by sources like Yelp, Yahoo, and Google Places. MapTrac also has a number of other features for things like finding Wi-Fi hot spots, places near you, and other helpful resources that are determined by your location. While it may seem strange to use your news app as a way of locating bars and shops, MapTrac produces solid results from numerous sources, making it more powerful than most map apps.

For all the good things about the app, The Daily Planet can get a little overwhelming. Fortunately, once you find a source you like, you can create favorites so you can get back to your most read sites quickly.

The Daily Planet isn't the prettiest news app in the App Store by a long shot. But with thousands of sources and an easy-to-navigate hierarchical interface, this app gets you all the news both locally and nationally, while offering extras that will be useful to any iOS device owner.

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