The Daily Planet for iOS review: Your place to get all the news

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent
  • Overall: 8.0
  • Installation and Setup: 10.0
  • Features and Support: 8.0
  • Interface: 7.0
  • Performance: 8.0
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The Good The Daily Planet for iOS brings you news from thousands of sources using an interface that's easy to navigate. Added extras make the app useful in ways you wouldn't expect.

The Bad Those with slow connection will end up waiting for pages to convert to Readability mode. The app is sometimes slow to load its thousands of sources.

The Bottom Line If you want a no-nonsense news app, The Daily Planet has a ton of categories to browse from thousands of sources and a simple navigation system that helps you get to the news you want to read quickly.

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The Daily Planet is an RSS newsreader with a no-nonsense interface that gets you to the latest local and national news feeds for subjects you care about.

There is no fancy graphical interface for this app and you won't be flipping animated pages or looking at big colorful images. What you get with The Daily Planet is a list of top-level categories including top stories, business and markets, politics, sports, and several other common topics, along with localized classifieds and other extras. The app's simple layout lets you drill down to your topics of choice from thousands of news sources in only a couple of taps.

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