Telly for iOS review: Social video continues to grow up

The effects are pretty basic, a lot like what you would find in a simple photo editor, but they're functional. And in a way, it doesn't matter, because once you've chosen an effect, Telly has several selections for theme music you can add to your video. Some are whimsical, some sound like gangster rap, and others are like old-timey movie music. Once I'd added some theme music, suddenly I didn't care as much about the somewhat mundane video effects. The best thing about the music is that it automatically detects the end of your clip and quickly ends the song to match the end of your video. The combination of the action on screen, an effect, and theme music can make for some really interesting creations.

When you're finished just add a title, and then you can share your video on Facebook, on Twitter, and with the Telly community. Another option is to share it with only your friends who use Telly. But the app also saves the full video with effects and sound to your photo library so you can share it in all the same ways you share photos.

If you like the idea of shooting quick videos with scenes, effects, and music, Telly is definitely a fun app to have handy. Even if you just want to keep up with all the videos on Facebook and Twitter, you should download this free app.

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